Shana commits to CSR actions

From the outset of the SHANA hotel construction project, we have been determined to build and manage our hotel complex ethically and conscientiously, with a view to rational resource management.

With this in mind, we have invested heavily in a geothermal heating and cooling system. By working with local businesses and craftsmen, we have adopted a voluntary "short circuit" approach to limit our impact on the environment and move towards sustainable tourism by making our staff and customers aware of simple gestures and actions.

What does sustainable tourism mean to Shana Hôtel et Résidence?

As soon as you arrive at the hotel, we provide you with services and facilities to help you change your paradigm.
We believe that the company is also an important ambassador for initiating new behaviors. By providing sustainable facilities, we are all working together to create a new consumption model.

Soft mobility

  • Bike hire on site, secure bike shelter available.
  • Welcoming hikers and cyclists and on-site laundry/drying facilities
  • Electric charging station
  • Pool heated by air-source heat pump
  • Permeable parking surface for natural water drainage
  • Water-saving sprinkler system installation
  • Elimination of plastic bottles and cardboard cups in rooms (carafes and glasses)
  • Soap and shampoo in 500ml containers that we refill (no waste)
  • We encourage our customers to reuse their towels when staying several nights.

Short circuits
We use local businesses and artisans.
For our Gourmet Bar, we select local chefs who make organic or sustainable jars.

Maintenance and cleaning of premises
Use of Green Care certified products
Use of automatic dispensers for the right amount of product and protection of users' health.
Our VYNILS carpets and coverings have a negative carbon footprint, INTERFACE.

We sort our waste (glass, cardboard).
Containers are also available to our customers.
Recycled storage and bike room (2 LOCAMODULs converted on site).